Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Frugal February Day 29

No spending today!  Let's do a monthly wrap-up.  Overall, I would like to say that I did not experience any hardship as a result of this endeavor.  The "worst thing" was when I was invited out or to get take out food and I had to turn that down.  I never went hungry.  I ended up making conscious decisions to drive my car just to keep the seals wet.  I still have 10 gallons left.

I think this was a really successful experiment and I think I'll do it again some time.  Maybe I'll do Mizer May or Stingy September (or both!).

I spent $238.62.  If you exclude purchases from grocery stores ($108.72) and bills like utilities ($119.28) , then I only spent $10.62, of which all but two dollars was for valentine's day.  The only place I could really have cut expenditures are:  1. stop buying renewable energy credits and 2. be a bit more frugal at Publix.  I bought $5 eye drops one day (I could have used my reserve of artificial tears, but I'd have to buy more soon anyway) and I spent $10 on four 12-packs of was a good price so I stocked up.

I had 19 days with no spending.  If you exclude paying bills, then I have 22 days with no spending.

I've done a pretty good job of eating cheaply.  I've eaten some of the food that's been in my house for a long time.  I did save a bunch of money by not eating out or drinking out at the invitation of friends.  I only had a couple beers (maybe 3 or 4??) at my house and I might have made one mixed drink with the alcohol I had on hand.

It's a good thing FF is coming to an end because I'm getting some serious work done on my house and my tail light battery died for my bike.  I'm going to upgrade to the DiNotte XML-3 and get a new battery.  I also need to buy some dielectric grease (which should be cheap).

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