Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Frugal February Day 28

No spending today.

On my way to school, the left crank arm on my Kona Kahuna 29er started to come loose.  I noticed that there was a problem when I couldn't shift into the big chain ring.  I was too far from home to go back & trade bikes because I had to get to school on time.  A quick roadside repair was good enough to get me to school and back home again.  I noticed that my tail light didn't work this morning and it was because of a battery problem. I grabbed my charger and plugged it in at school.  The battery hadn't charged after about 5 hours and I began to suspect something was up. It won't even power the tail light in flash mode. I have to call DiNotte Lighting tomorrow to see if they can help me figure things out.
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