Monday, February 27, 2012

Frugal February Day 27

Got up & it was raining today.  Decided to ride my 29er with disc brakes and new fender.  I stayed pretty dry.

Felt unmotivated for the first hour at school.  Went to see the classroom I'm teaching in over the summer then to meet with my major professor, but he was in a meeting.  Ran into Sam and had a good chat about my options after graduation.  He said that good liberal arts colleges emphasize teaching and research about the same.  I'll have to keep some of those on my radar.  Sam also suggested some publication outlets for my walkability paper.

Met with major professor later.  There's a lot going on with potential projects.  I proposed that we table the difficult stuff maybe even until after I graduate.  Worked the rest of the school day on some stuff for a publication with him/my dissertation.

Did some walkability stuff when I got home.

Didn't spend any money today.
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