Friday, February 10, 2012

Frugal February Day 10

I went to Comcast this morning to take in some cable boxes that we've been having problems with.  We aren't getting On Demand and some of the channels that we are supposed to.  I've tried everything we can do over the phone and my roommates have been gently reminding me to get this taken care of.  I went to the Comcast brick-and-mortar place and had a terrible experience.  I beat a big rush so I didn't have to wait too long in line. The lady who began serving me was terrible.  She began by giving me 2 new boxes but they were different than I had before and neither of them was HD (I needed one HD box).  She told me that I don't have HD service but we had signed up for some HD stuff the last time I was at the brick-and-mortar store.  That's why Nat had a HD box.  She tells me that there's an extra charge for HD stuff and I told her to stop messing with me, don't mess with my account, just give me my boxes back, I'll leave and everything will be like it was.  She directed me to another gentleman and he basically told me that they're not fixing my problems and they're going to bill me an extra $8.50 per month now.  I'm being charged for the original box that was on my account and I don't agree with that charge.  Their system is messed up.  I was so furious that I wanted to drop Comcast service.  Unfortunately, I called Century Link about their Prism service and found that it's just as expensive.  I'm going to talk to my roommates about downgrading to the most basic cable and getting our TV stuff from Roku/Netflix and possibly Amazon Prime.

So, I don't think that really counts as spending money even though they are going to start charging me more.  Afterwards, I ate lunch at home, went to school, ate there, came home and made black bean burgers.  I ate 2 wings because Nat bought a bunch tonight.
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