Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Frugal February Day 1

I didn't spend any money on the last day of January.  I spent $2.30 at Bread and Roses today on oatmeal and a ginger ale soda sweetened with agave.  Maybe the soda wasn't so frugal, but it wasn't terrible because I got some free greens and scrap almond butter/peanut butter.

On the frugal side, I biked my utility payment over to the office instead of putting a stamp on it.

I've made a Google Doc with my expenditures.  I'll update it almost every day to keep tabs on things.  I won't fill out my utilities or mortgage stuff, but you'll see everything for which I pull out my wallet to pay for.  Also, I haven't put any gas in my tank since the way back from the New Orleans trip on January 15th.  I have somewhere between 12-14 gallons in my tank.
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