Wednesday, January 29, 2014

First Bike Crash in State College

Don't worry, it wasn't bad.  I was riding my bike through the parking garage to put it on E's car and go pick her up.  I was in a bit of a hurry, so I was riding full bore (but that's not much in a parking garage unless you're on a downhill stretch...luckily I was on a flat section).  I went to turn left (hey, at least it wasn't turning right) and I leaned in to the turn.  I know that in snowy/icy conditions that you should remain more upright, but I was inside the parking garage.  Apparently there was a thin layer of ice on the ground and not even my Ice Spiker Pro tires could keep their grip.

Luckily, there were not any moving cars nearby when I took my spill...I landed on one wrist, then the other (oops) and then in slow motion, my chin hit the ground.  I guess that's where the full face helmets come in handy.

After the fall, I laid there for a bit assessing the damage.  Lucky for me it was just a bit of a red spot on the heels of my hands and probably an eminent bruise on my chin.  As I went to get up, I noticed how slippery the ground was.  I couldn't even see the ice when I was inches away from it!  I'm ready for some spring time riding without accumulated snow, ice, or below-zero temperatures/wind chills.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fribbled Breg

Here is a little quiz for you to take. I took it this morning as part of an online training provided by Penn State. You probably do not know much about fribbled bregs, but that’s OK.  All these questions have a correct answer...give it your best shot. When you're finished, you can see the answer key, but I encourage you to answer the questions and give a justification for your choice before looking at the answers.

1.  Trassig normally occurs when the
a) dissels frull.
b) lusp trasses the vom.
c) belgo lisks easily.
d) viskal flans, if the viskal is zortil.

2.  The fribbled breg will snicker best with an
a) Mors.
b) Ignu.
c) Cerst.
d) Sortar.

3. What probable causes are indicated when tristal doss occurs in a compots?
a) The sabs foped and the doths tinzed.
b) The kredges roted with the rots.
c) Rakogs were not accepted in the sluth.
d) Polats were thonced in the sluth.

4.  The primary purpose of the cluss in frumpaling is to
a) remove cluss-prangs.
b) patch tremalls.
c) loosen cloughs.
d) repair plumots.

5.  Why does the sigla frequently overfesk the trelsum?
a) All siglas are mellious.
b) Siglas are always votial.
c) The trelsum is usually tarious.
d) No trelsa are directly feskable.

6.  The snickering function of the Ignu is most effectively performed in connection with which one of the following snicker snacks?
a) Arazma tol.
b) Fribbled breg.
c) Groshed stantol.
d) Fallied stantol.

7.  Which of the following is/are always present when trossels are being gruven?
a) rint and vost
b) shum and vost
c) vost and plone
d) vost

Once you’ve really tried to figure these things out, see the answer key.

Saturday, January 4, 2014