Saturday, February 11, 2012

Frugal February Day 11

To be frugal, I cut my vitamins in half this morning so they'd last me through the month.  Then I went to the bike shop and built a bunch of stuff.  I got dropped off back home because Micah was going to look at buying a bike close to my house.  It was cold so I really didn't mind.  Plus it takes me about 40 minutes to ride my Diamondback road bike and Uno are way faster.

I'm going to need another fixed cog to make the Uno serviceable again.  I got one on super sale today.  I haven't paid for it, but decided to get it in this order before it goes off sale.  Got home and ate with roommates & company.  We played a game called Buzzword.  My team won.  Good clean and free fun.

No expenditure today.
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