Saturday, February 25, 2012

Frugal February Day 25

Woke up early to go shovel dirt at the Boys & Girls Club's baseball field.  Some clown had dumped and spread clay all over the outfield so we tried to rake it off the top of the grass and shovel it into a wheelbarrow or truck for relocation behind the backstop.  I estimate it was over 30 cubic yards of dirt.  Some kids just don't know how to run a shovel.  Very inefficient practices/lazy volunteers.  I wasn't slacking and I'm going to be sore tomorrow.  Good thing I brought my work gloves or I know I'd have blisters.  I'm Mr. Softhands these days.

Next went to Damn Good Bikes.  The shop got rearranged today.  Looks way different.  We added a checkout counter and repair area near the front of the shop plus reorganized the retail accessories.  I was exhausted by the time I got there but still managed to be productive.  I picked up the fender that I had ordered in early January that somehow just came in.

When I got home, I replaced my 29er's left crank arm and put on the new fender.  Now that bike's ready for the rain!  Next, I checked my email and my major professor had given me some feedback about my side research on walkability.  I checked into his concerns and I think that my data's fine.  I wrote a few more pages on walkability.  Erin said something about "quality over quantity" and I told her that tonight's work was good.

Got a credit card bill today.  It was for a $12.50 recurring charge I have for renewable energy credits.  I buy 450KWH of credits each month of the "Tallahassee Blend" which includes hydro, solar, and a tiny share of wind.  As such, it's not really a discretionary expenditure as far as FF is concerned.  I realize that it is discretionary in the bigger picture.  I support the idea of alternative energy (if it can be produced efficiently) so I think putting my money where my mouth is is a good way to support progress in this industry.
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