Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Arrow Securities

I didn't want to make the title "Fate v. Free Will," but that's what this is going to be about.
Conflict: If God is omniscient and omnipotent, then how can individuals do anything of their own accord? Doesn't God have a plan for everyone? Who are we to be able to resist his plan and do what we want?
Resolution: We can have fate AND free will. Here's how (and you thought macro was silly): God still stays omniscient and omnipotent. You live in a world where there are many possible states that can be realized. Basically, I believe that God holds Arrow Securities in every possible realization of the state. I do NOT assume a constant structure for probability. It is almost certainly NOT iid nor Markovian.
Every time somebody makes a decision, the future is altered. We are on a different course than we would otherwise be. Butterfly effect and all that crap. However, at time t=0, God knows what will happen in every possible state, contingent on it occurring.

Contingent on when you are born, there are areas of 4-dimensional space-time that you cannot visit. The possible realm that you can visit at any given moment is restricted by your past light cone and your future light cone. However, this limitation does not take into account the interactions you will have with other beings. Imagine in the equation above that it is only for one agent and that each person has a unique possible path to follow.

In sum (ya, pun intended) you are predestined to a set of possible outcomes. The choices you make take you down only ONE path (until I'm convinced otherwise, I assume that you can only move forward in time). After making each decision, you seal off a set of potential future paths. Constrained free will.

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