Sunday, July 1, 2007

HC Reunion @ My House

Today, the following HC people were gathered in my living room: me, Beerman, Walker, Jess, Nick Yanes. Sona and Sarah joined us on the phone. This morning all but Jess (and the telephone girls) played wiffleball in the street. It feels good to be a kid again. We watched a movie, I got to drive Beerman's new car a little bit, we grilled hamburgers for dinner (after the rain stopped). Good weekend.

If the goal was to get an HC reunion, we could have done a lot better since many more alumni live in or regularly visit Tallahassee. This was a sort of impromptu thing. Walker told me on Thursday that Jess was coming and Beerman surprised me on Friday night.

I wish I could keep my house stocked full of cool people all the time.
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