Friday, July 13, 2007

Humane Society

Written - 5/25/2002

Is the Humane Society really such a great saver of animals? Or are they a ruthless killing machine, disposing of thousands of seemingly unwanted animals every year?

I'm not entirely sure. However, I think that the animals that they do kill would have been killed anyways, so that nullifies most of the wrong of killing them. Especially because they try to get the animals they kill adopted before they meet their end. They also manage to find a safe and loving home for the animals that are in their shelter.

I got a dog from the Humane Society a two Decembers ago (2000). She has been the best dog ever. It is obvious that she had been abused before she arrived at the Humane Society. She had been there for a while without being adopted. This may have been because of a tail that was truncated before its natural end...this could have been the result of abuse by previous owners or just an accident. She also could not sit without falling on her side. She had been there for about 3 months and it was evident that her time there was limited. When we went to look at dogs, I wanted another one, a more aesthetic one, but this dog was a door dasher and had problems listening.

As it turns out, her tail does not bother her in the least. I think now that it adds to her personality. She has been such a great companion. I have wanted a dog that I could run with ever since I started running. Abbey (my Humane Society adoptee) runs up to 5 miles with me. And she's fast too. She is well mannered and extremely personable.

I would recommend a dog or cat from the Humane Society to any of you who are looking for an animal. Not just because it is a lot cheaper, but it also reduces unwanted animals running around by spaying and neutering the animals before they leave. Also, anyone who buys an animal from a pet store is condoning the existence of puppy mills where bitches are forced to continually stay pregnant and give birth to endless litters...until the day when they are not producing as they should be...then they are exterminated...cruelly...please don't but animals from pet stores.
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