Monday, July 2, 2007


I just got up from about a 4 hour nap...I'm about to go to bed for the night. I had a heavy day of drinking/not caring for myself. I got up around 10 to see off Beerman and Jess. I had 3 donuts for breakfast. I finished (well, almost finished) cleaning up the house. I got hungry in the process of cleaning up and noticed smoke coming from the neighbor's grill. Nick and I went over to their party (they invited us on Friday). It was fucking awesome. They had a full bar stocked with: Grey Goose, Patron (plata), Stoly, Bacardi, Southern Comfort, Jager, grenadine, all kinds of mixers, Tanqueray, all top-shelf shit. Not to mention that they invited about 6 professional bartenders. I think I had 10 drinks in the first hour. That was enough to get me to slip-n-slide without wearing the proper attire. I jumped in the pool wearing cargoes. I mean, it was raining anyway.
When we got there, I was very surprised to see Nick spitting game (and it seeming to work) on this girl named Nicole. They started playing beer pong on a team together. Lost. I thought Nicole was pretty good looking, so after Nick went home because the cops were called, I tried to get her to come to our place to get away from the cops. It magically worked. I was happy about this. She asked me to put her towel in the dryer. About 3 minutes later, she had a cell-phone call and split. I thought she went back to the party. She didn't. StEEEEE-rike. Hungry for play, I made a phone call (while still pretty drunk) to a girl who I thought was into me. Turns out that she must really not be that into me.

When I awoke, I looked at my phone and I thought it said that I called Sarah around 8pm. I was a little concerned about what I might have called her for. Turns out that she called me and all's well...except for that cut on my foot. I stepped on some broken glass at the party. It's not too bad. Not as bad as a soda-can cut on my foot. I had some girl dig the class out with her fingernails.

By the way, I realized that I only had 1 hamburger, when my initial plan was to go over there and eat their food! I was malnourished today.
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