Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Wasted Time Online (and other places)

Written 5/1/2002

I wonder: how much time have I idled away online in the past year? I bet it's enough to have ran about 80 miles. Which brings me to another conclusion...
Running about 850 miles per year takes up a lot of time itself. If I averaged 7 minute miles, then I ran for about 100 hours (this doesn't include stretching, putting on the running shoes, etc.)

But I guess: What better do we have to do with our time than something we enjoy. (It beats the h3ll outta wasting time at school in a class you hate *which by the way is probably everyone's biggest time waster*).

So I don't mind idling online because I like it. I don't mind taking up a lot of time to run because I like it. I don't mind going to school (on A-Days) because I get a lot of knowledge for a relatively low price. However, B-Days are just about worthless and I wish I could work or stay home and sleep or run or do some math or something!
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