Sunday, December 3, 2006

Sleeping by Yourself... night can make you feel alone. - Sublime.

I think that Bradley &c. are correct in their assessment. You know what else? The awareness of loneliness has become worse now that it's cold. I was used to sleeping next to a human space-heater. Now I just have to put on another blanket. Every time that happens, I remember that I used to be able to just hold her a little tighter to quell the cold.

I guess sleeping solo didn't bother me much at first, after the break-up. I went home, and I never sleep with anybody when I'm there anyway. Besides, I have a twin bed (but that's the size I was used to sharing). Now I have a queen size and its vast void all around me produces an aweful, lonely sensation. At least I don't feel like the monsters under my bed are keeping me company.

I was thinking that it would be cool to get some chick to come to my house and sleep with me at nights. But I don't think that anyone in their right mind would come over every night JUST to sleep. Furthermore, I'm not sure that sleeping with somebody who has that that sort of relationship with me would make me feel any better. Maybe the comfort of sharing a bed comes not from just having a body next to you in the bed, but rather sharing it with somebody who cares about you, even if they're only a friend. Note: it doesn't count if it's freezing outside, you're sleeping in a plywood bed with a quarter inch of dirt in it, still dressed in all your day-time clothes, and there's a limited supply of non-dirt-floor space to sleep on.
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