Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Flickering Flames from my Fantastic Fireplace

I had my chimney swept last Friday and have since had 2 fires with those artificial logs. They sure make things easy. 10 seconds to get the fire going. 4 hours later, they're burned out and don't leave much ash. My first fire was on Friday night. It made me happy inside. So far, I haven't felt much heat coming out of my fireplace. I don't know if it's designed like that or if I'm doing something wrong (no, the doors weren't shut) or what.

I had one on Monday night because I thought that it might help me get work done. I sat on the couch in front of the fireplace and did economics on TV tables. It actually did help, even though I had to take breaks where I turned out all the lights and watched the glow of the blaze dance around my living room.

I think I might buy some firewood from a local guy. I hear that it's pretty cheap. Kind of strange how I used to think the idea of buying firewood was absurd...but now, I can't chop down any of the trees in my yard. And I don't have a truck to haul off some good forest wood. I hear that you're supposed to "age" the wood anyway.

I want some wood that burns different colors. Have some green flames. And purple. Along with the standard blue/yellow/orange.

I wonder if chicks would totally dig some sweet music playing in the background while having some wine (or other drinks) in front of the fire. Maybe I could capitalize on this thing. But in a romantic way, not in a creepy one.
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