Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I just got back from Jazz Night at The Warehouse. I had heard about this event from a few different people. Sarah had mentioned that it's the cool place to be, and JJ said that he sometimes plays there. Turns out that tonight was Sarah's first night also.

I like the Warehouse. It seems real. Kinda like the Leon Pub. No pretenses. There are vines growing on the outside of the corrugated steel and it has old wood floors with paint peeling up. In fact, I think I saw a hole in the floor under one of the pool tables.

So, to get in to Jazz Night, you have to go to the "Back Room" and pay $2 admission. Back there, it's totally chill. I think that I would best describe the atmosphere as "lounge." When we first got there, there weren't many people around, but as the night progressed, the room kept getting more packed. Dustin came with 3 of his friends that I've never met before, and I saw Sarah get up to greet Claire's friend Erin and some other chick...I didn't say hi to them. Some guy with a green laser kept pointing it at people's feet.

Just like every other joint in Tallahassee, it shuts down at 2am. How weak. I think it's a law or something. I would like to go again. They're done for the year now, but they open back up on the first day of school. I know that I have an 8am class next semester, so if it's not on Tuesday, then I'll try to bring some econ people with me.
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