Wednesday, December 13, 2006

30's the new 20

Neil brought home a copy of Jay Z's new album Kingdom Come a couple weeks ago. I thought that HOVA had retired from the rap game. The new album's alright. I really like track 7, called "30 something." Basically, Jay Z is rapping about how he has "grown up" and criticizes the black youth of today.

I was thinking about the line "30's the new 20" that appears a couple times in this song. I think it applies to so many facets of life these days. For example, people are getting married when they're 30 as opposed to an age closer to 20 for my parents' generation. Children are staying at home longer. Might not get out of school until you're almost 30. It's OK to still act immature when you're 3 decades old.

As long as you subscribe to the "you're only as old as you act" philosophy, you don't have to worry about aging. Maybe you can look, act, and feel like you're 20 when you get to be 30. Perhaps medical advances and healthier lifestyles in the future could keep pushing the ten years, Jay Z may be rapping about how "40's the new 20."
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