Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Water Fountains

Water fountains are gross. I don't drink out of them unless I'm really thirsty and there aren't any other feasible alternatives.

They just installed a new water fountain across from my office. I guess it's not so gross since it was just installed & it's at a college campus. I think that park- and elementary school-water fountains are probably the grossest. If there was a water fountain in a 5-star hotel, it would probably not be that gross. I think the ick factor comes from kids putting their mouths on it or slobbering all over the place where the water comes out. If I had a water fountain in my house, I'd totally use it. In fact, my little brother has 2 water fountains now and is thinking about hooking one up at our house in Vero. That would be pretty unique.
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