Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Fridge

My brother brought a fridge leftover from my Uncle's house when he came to visit me. I cleaned it up and replaced my old fridge with it. The only problem is that the ice maker in the new fridge didn't work. We looked at it and tried to troubleshoot. We deduced that the only thing broken is the ejector (the plastic piece that spins around and spits the frozen cubes out of the mold). Unfortunately, it's an electronic ice maker and neither of us knows how to fix crap on a circuit board. That means I had to get a new ice maker. The ice maker alone was $163 or I could get a kit that has everything you need to install an ice maker in a fridge that doesn't already have one for $103. WTF? I bought the kit. Now it makes ice. I need to get rid of my old you need one? Let me know.
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