Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Birthday Presents to Myself

Yesterday, I was halfway done mowing my back yard when my mower decided to stop working. Out of nowhere. I mean, it started first pull and everything. I checked if something was stuck underneath (no), if I was out of gas (no), if the air filter was obstructed (yes). I fixed the air filter. That didn't fix my problem. I check for spark. No spark in the plug. I went to check for spark between the cable and the plug by unhooking it. The mower worked when the cable was unhooked. Weird. It was temperamental. I got frustrated. Gave up.

Today on my way home from school, I stopped by AutoZone and picked up a $3 spark plug, hoping it would fix the problem. It did. Hooray. I also bought a 13/16 spark plug socket (with a magnetic base...fancy) for $7. I think I might get myself another birthday present: a holster for my pistol. I don't know if I want a shoulder strap or a hip holster. Maybe I'll have to browse.
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