Saturday, April 5, 2008

Red Hills Results

28th/258 overall
3rd in my age group
4th for FSU
10:03 swim (1/3 mi)
1:37 T1 (with wetsuit)
47:50 bike (16 mi)
1:09 T2
21:08 run (5k)

I would have placed 4th in the collegiate division, but they somehow had me down as an age grouper. I took all the turns on the bike really slowly since it was wet and I am still a little skittish of right hand turns. I felt like I was going 3mph on the bike (I averaged only about 20mph) and didn't totally rock out the hills. There weren't many people in front of me and that was pretty awesome. When I came in to T2, there were hardly any bikes racked. I had to stop during the first quarter mile of the 5k to stretch my calf muscles. That made me lose some dude in a UF jersey :(. Overall, I didn't go as much faster than last year as I wanted (I was looking for a 1:18 time) but the course was slow for everybody. Results are up at the Red Hills Triathlon website.
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