Thursday, April 24, 2008

Local Businesses to Patronize

There are some local businesses that I patronize at the expense of all other businesses in that industry. Even though I have to pay a little more, I get quality service and the ability to communicate with the people I'm dealing with. Also, it keeps money in the local economy.
Here is a list, consider it an endorsement/recommendation, off the top of my head (I'm sure I'm missing a few...will update post as I remember some):

Midcoast Tire - new tires, balances, rotations, alignments
Indian River Battery - car batteries
Don's Import Auto Service - mechanic
Ay! Jalisco - mexican food (not many alternatives in Vero...I guess you could go to their other location)
The Trading Post - get some gas
Indian River Office Center - they carry stuff the big chains don't have. I hear Elanor retired...sad.
Giorgio's Pizza - check it out.

University Cycles - all my mountain bike needs
Sunshine Cycles - all my road bike needs
La Hacienda II - mexican food (sometimes I'll go to Tapatío). most of the other mexican food in Tally sucks.
Decent Pizza - best in town
Marcone Appliance Parts - just found out about them when I needed a new ice maker. Very friendly and efficient. I'll go back if I need anything else.
Shaw's Running Store - he also has tennis stuff. He'll fit you into some shoes that are right for you.
Liquor Loft - Spacious and clean. Professional. I wish they were open later sometimes.
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