Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Summer Obsession

Andrew moved in on Wednesday and has been unpacking/spending time with his parents up until earlier today. We went to Publix tonight and talked for a little while. He was going through things in his room to throw out, and I saw what looked like a CD sampler in the trash (grocery) bag. From the brief glimpse I caught, it looked like the "Pro-Mo Fo Sho" single from The Summer Obsession. I asked "hey, is that The Summer Obsession?" He replied in the affirmative with an underlying expression of "how do you know them?" Interesting. By the way, I got that sampler at the Warped Tour last year and TSO has played for Andrew's fraternity for a long time (6 years if I remember correctly).

This reminded me of the day when Walker and I found out that we both had Black Lab's "Your Body Above Me" album. I guess Andrew knows other (frat) guys with this disc, but I would wager that he did not expect me to have it. I told him that I really like the Pro-Mo Fo Sho songs but wasn't impressed with what I found on purevolume. He says that he has some of their older stuff and one song is an all-time favorite. I must cop that.
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