Sunday, August 19, 2007

Drinking Around the World

So, I got to visit Bailey yesterday and the first part of today. Yesterday, we went to Epcot (me, Bailey, & Mackenzie) and drank around the world. We all got in free. It went something like this:

Mexico: Austin "I hope they have Cerveza Sol!" get there "Oh, all they have is XX...I'll wait until the next country."
Norway: Carlsberg...also a no-go
China: The girls get this frozen slushy stuff: peach and plum wine. Mackenzie drank about 3 sips of her plum wine slushy and decided that it was too gross to drink any more. DD. BTW, stay away from plum wine slushies. "They have Tsingtao on tap, that's pretty cool...and I'd drink Tsingtao, but I'd rather get something somewhere that I can't get at the Leon Pub" Bailey: "Austin, you've been in 3 countries and not had one drink. That's weak...what are we here to do anyway?" Austin: "OK, I'll have whatever they have in Germany, as long as it's not Heineken."
Germany: They have Becks. Nasty. Luckily, they had a local wheat beer that I couldn't prounounce. I got one.
Italy: Bailey gets Bellini.
America...really? Miller Light and Budweiser? However, I thought we were going to watch a show so I drank the rest of my German beer only to find out that I could have enjoyed it a little longer.
Japan: Bailey - "Austin, do you kike Saki?" Austin - "no" Bailey- "will you take a shot anyway." Austin-"hell ya." She buys me Saki and we laugh at funny Engrish on packaging.
Morocco: Best country there. I get a Casa beer. Only 12 fl oz...not like the 20 oz-ers in the other countries. Awesome market, but I didn't see any hookahs.
France: Bailey gets a Grey Goose lemonade-slushy. It's tasty.
UK: Insert English pub here. I didn't get anything beause it's so easily accessible at any bar.
Canada: Did we even stop there?

We make another lap around. I decide that we should go back to Morocco for another Casa beer...I would definitely end up drinking those if I ended up in Morocco for some reason. I get another Casa beer and Bailey gets a Habibi daquiry that was pretty good...

Somewhere, maybe Japan, Bailey got a strawberry daquiri thing with a drop or two or ¿orange blossom water? which made all the difference. Best mixed drink I've tried in a long time (or at least since my last party).

Then we watched a badass fireworks show (oh, and I noticed that Madagascar on the Epcot spinning globe is proportionally way too small). Go back to her place, finish looking at Japan pictures (the real Japan) and eat a peanut butter sandwich. Talk to Bailey for about an hour and a half after she wants to go to know how I do.

Woke up this morning and went to a hole in the wall place in Orlando for breakfast. "Best sweet buns in town" there. I can't remember the name. Back home, trying to decide what to do. We end up going to a driving range (the first time for all 3 of us). I wacked the snot out of a few of them, but all the ones I hit hard curved way to the right. I got a little blister on my right pinky finger. We made tacos for dinner and Bailey demonstrates that she doesn't cook very often.

The end.
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