Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Growth Spurt

When I was home on vacation, my mom told me that she thought I'd grown. I keep hearing this from people: "you're taller than you used to be." I usually think that they're shrinking or that I'm wearing bigger shoes or something. This time, I decided to get measured. To the best of my knowledge, I've been 6'0" for a while now. My mom crudely measured me at 6'1". I got on one of those scales with a height measurer, and it turns out that I'm now 6'¾". I guess that rounds up to 6'1". Interesting...I guess I'm just a late bloomer...I thought guys stopped growing before reaching their 20s. Guess I was wrong...or that I'm an exception to the rule. I like it when rules make exceptions for me.
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