Saturday, August 11, 2007

Awesome Dinner

So, I took my micro prelim this morning. Think I did well enough to low-pass...whatever that means. I won't find out for a couple weeks. Afterward, came home, met Micah TBW around 3:30 and headed to the batting cages. Tried out the slow-pitch softball, 40mph, 60mph, and 70mph. Not bad performance for not hitting for a while. I was a little late on some of the 70mph and whiffed a couple of them. I was really early on the slow pitch, which reminds me that I have a hard time waiting on a of my big game flaws in softball. After hitting in the hot sun and wearing sweat-soaked shirts that made us look like the 3 of us had just gone swimming, we wondered what we'd wrangle up for dinner.

Went to Publix. On Micah's suggestion, we got stuff for kabobs. Beef, green pepper, onion; chicken, green pepper, onion; shrimp, pineapple. Stubbs marinade for the beef, Sweet Baby Ray's honey chipotle sauce for the chicken, and Jack Daniels sauce for the shrimp, olive oil basted on the veggies. Came home, cut stuff up, grilled it. Blue Bell chocolate chip cookie dough for dessert. It fed me, TBW, Nick, Micah, and Glenn. Tasty shit. I probably haven't had a dinner that good in a long time. It was probably just as good as Brock's 4th of July food, but we had way more of it. We all ate our fill. I think the total bill for dinner was $35 or less. For the 5 of us. MAYBE one reason it was good is that all the meats were fresh. Plus, the Lake Ella Publix didn't have regular Publix chicken breasts, so I had to get the Publix Premium ones. HOLY MOLY MELT IN YOUR MOUTH GOOD!!! If you're planning a dinner in the near future...this is easy (although it creates mounds of dishes) and awesome.
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