Saturday, August 25, 2007

More Fun Activities

On my way back to Tallahassee, I stopped in Orlando to see Jessica & we went bowling. Then stayed up late bullshitting. She showed me an awesome hand-drawn blueprint of a building that she designed. Pretty impressive. I've only really looked at the electrical plans to see where phones and cables go. She had to do cabinetry, ceiling tiles, A/C, electrical, floor, and probably something else that I'm forgetting. I couldn't believe that it was drawn by hand because everything looked so perfect. Jessica also gave me some posters and I freaking forgot them at her house. I realized that I forgot them once I was about an hour and a half away.

Next, I saw Crista in Gainesville. Haven't seen her in years! Then to Stephanie's house for a while to see pix from her Argentina trip. Then we went to Matt's house then out to dinner @ Satchels. There was a huge wait, but we passed the time. Dinner was good, then back to Matt's place for some brews. I got to sleep on a cot...I don't think I've ever slept on a cot before, but they're kinda cool. This morning, we went to breakfast at Jones's somethingoranother. They had an incredible painting on the wall that I stared at the entire time. I also ate a good breakfast burrito.

Gas mileages from trip:
From Tallahassee to Orlando to Vero: 25 mpg
From (a little in-town driving in all these cities) Vero to Orlando to Gainesville: 22 mpg
From Gainesville to Tallahassee (all highway): 26 mpg
Does't my car kick ass. Can your 4.6L V8 do that??
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