Saturday, March 8, 2008

Thomasville Road Baptist Community 10k

I ran a 10k this morning on little preparation. I found out about it before I went running on Thursday. I didn't get much sleep on Thurs. or Fri. night (in a good way). I didn't really eat like I was preparing for a race (except I ate an entire box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese last night). I ran fast on Thursday. Basically, I would have been happy to break 40 minutes.

I ran 38:42, finishing 3rd overall, winning my age group. Dan from the Tri club won the 10k in 36:08 and Stephen from the Tri club won the 5k! It looks like I'm not as out of shape as I could be right now. I'm hoping to boost up a little bit before Collegiate Nationals! I'm pretty sure I'll have a weak swim, but maybe I can make up for it on the bike and run.

OK, back to today's race. If it was a flat course, I think I would have placed 5th, because there were these 2 other guys that formed a pack with me, but they kept getting a little ahead on the flat ground. I'd catch/pass them on hills. One of them dropped off about mile 5. The other dropped around mile 5.7. I had a good strong finish. I noticed while running in this pack that I could see their breath coming out of their mouths. I noticed mine after that. It's kind of cool and makes me feel even more like my body is a machine when I see my exhaust gas. I saw it because it was cold this morning (~47° with a wind chill of 38°). I actually wore a shirt (Under Armour sleeveless) for the race.

I came back, checked out my car, changed the oil and got it ready for tomorrow's trip to ATL to see J & Shell. Then I had a nap because I was le tired. It's almost bedtime again. I wanted to do my taxes today, but didn't get around to it.
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