Friday, March 14, 2008

Airborne Lawsuit

You can go to their settlement site and click the "File a claim online" link on the left hand side to get reimbursed for any Airborne you purchased for a part of last year. The catch is that you have to have the proofs of purchase. If you don't have any proofs of purchase, then you can get 6 free ones, provided that you vouch that you did actually purchase 6 of them.

I'm pretty sure you'll get something in the mail in the form of coupons/vouchers for more airborne. They might be refunding your money, I don't know. It doesn't happen instantly when you file a claim. I imagine it will take as long as a mail in rebate to get anything back from it.

In response to Angelica's comment: It has something to do with them claiming to be a cold remedy when there was no scientific proof to show that they were. It's supposed to be taken as a preventative measure, but they apparently didn't make that clear.
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