Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I just got back from Magic City and will tell you that they shouldn't call it Hotlanta in the winter. I mean, it wasn't super duper cold, but far from tropical. I went to a few of the basic tourist attractions like the Georgia Aquarium (good), World of Coke (good), Underground Atlanta (not so good: Walker, you're fired for this one). I also did some more local things.

When I got there, I was unpacking and showed them my piece. Shell was like "what is that?" so I unloaded my strap and locked the slide back and presented it to her. She asked again so I said it's a water gun. She inquired what I was going to do with it and I said "hopefully nothing." I had it under my seat on the road as per advice of my rents. Didn't need it. BTW, GA reciprocates FL's concealed weapons permits. After unpacking, we headed to see Kayley & Justin @ her parents' house, then went to dinner @ Chicago (good) with them + parents & then out for some drinks at the Ale House (the only one in GA...J had to go). Someone (Shell?) astutely observed that the Ale House is a drinking establishment cleverly disguised as a restaurant.

Shell had to work on Monday, so J took me to the GA Aquarium, World of Coke, and we tried (and failed) to find the Olympic track. Turns out that they removed the track and made a baseball stadium. That night, we went to an Iraqui place called Aladdin's for dinner (good). Their friend M. was supposed to meet us, but bailed out. We went to meet Dave at some Ale House-ish place for drinks. I got a pitcher of Shiner Bock (good).

Today, Shell went in to work later, so J made us breakfast. Then, J & I took MARTA into 5 points to check out Underground Atlanta and we walked around the surrounding area. After taking MARTA back, we drove to Taco Mac because J thought they had my favorite Mexican beer: Cerveza Sol! He was right! It was good. I introduced him to Sol and Maudite. They did not have Cruzcampo, but they might have a larger beer list than the Leon Pub! We went back to the apartment and waited for Shell to get home so we could go have dinner at La Fonda Latina (not so good). I think the name of that restaurant sounds kind of like La Fawnduh from Napoleon Dynamite. I wanted the three of us not to speak any English at dinner, but Shell ruined my fun. I left around 7:45, after the traffic had mostly cleared out.

Sarah U told me a great route to get to/from ATL. It cut off lots of miles and a decent amount of time and was scenic. I had a good drive there and back. My car got good mileage (close to 26 on the way there and 28mpg on the way home).
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