Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Recurring ¿Nightmare?

Warning: this may be even more stream-of-consciousness/nonsensical than you are used to.

I have had this dream a couple times:

I get out of my car, come back to it a couple hours later to find that I didn't turn off the ignition and I've burned up a couple gallons of gas. I'm always pissed off when I realize that my car has been uselessly idling (redundancy there?). In one of the dreams, I'm really low on gas and I ended up in a gas station that had really tall grass in a field around it and zebras running around. When I got in to the pumps (inside), nobody was around. They looked like the style of pumps at Como (not in use in very many places) and I think I started pumping then was going to pay later with a credit card. Somehow a lady got behind the counter without me seeing her.

I'm not sure exactly what it's about. I've been driving my car lately. I don't like it when people idle for extended periods of time. Am I doing something that I don't like?
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