Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lazy Kids at the Bus Stop

I've been flabbergasted by the laziness of people waiting for the bus. On my way home, there are usually a good number of people waiting for a bus. There are 2 that usually come soon after each other. Mine is usually the second. If my bus pulls up behind the first bus, I'll walk to it, get on, sit down and people follow me. The morons just need somebody to show them what's up.

Sometimes, the first bus gets stuck about 2-3 car lengths to the left of the bus stop if there are cars at a red light. These lazy fuckers wait for the light to change and the bus to move forward 25-30 feet before they get on. By the time they all board, the light has turned red again, and they wait there through another light. WT fuck?

I guess not everyone values their time as much as I do. I would so much rather make it through the light and be that much closer to home. I really can't wait to start riding my bike again.
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