Sunday, January 21, 2007

Vegans and Videos

I saw a couple videos online this past week dealing with animal cruelty. They are graphic. Watch at your own discretion. One shows a dog-like creature being skinned alive for its fur. You know it's still alive after losing its hair and skin because it blinks and opens its mouth. That image will stick with you for a while. The other deals with food animals. Their respective messages are: don't wear fur and don't eat meat.

The practices shown in these videos are atrocious. The videographers' point is that YOU are causing these practices if you wear fur or eat meat. They call for you to be a more conscious consumer. While I think that it is a good idea to be a conscious consumer, I think that the responsibility to stop this animal cruelty is in the hands of those that perpetuate such practices. Given the choice, I would eat a steak from a cow that was dead before getting its throat slit or its hide removed.

The problem of not being able to distinguish "mistreated-animal-meat" from "good, healthy, safe, fun" animal meat could possibly be solved with labeling. By giving the consumer more information on the practices behind raising (and slaughtering) the meat, they could make more informed decisions.

While it is possible to convert to veganism, it is difficult to do it right. I mean, to be healthy at the same time. I think that changing your diet is a great choice for some people, but they can't expect everyone else to do it. You know, like Immortal Technique says...
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