Sunday, January 7, 2007

A Cry for Attention

After posting the Picasa link, I was trying to fall asleep when a thought occurred to me: am I crying out for attention? Why am I doing this blog thing? Posting pictures online? Do I just want people to look at them? Maybe leave me feedback/comments to let me know that they're actually looking? That I matter to them?

This wasn't (consciously) my intent when I started these online info sources. The blog was pretty much Sona-inspired. The pix came about by perusing Google's features. I think it's cool that I can post pix online and be able to see them from anywhere in the world (except computers hooked in through China!).

Maybe part of it is being able to share things with other people...I used to be able to share stories, pictures, music, alcohol, time, etc. with bunches of people all the time. I still like to share, and this seems like an alright medium to do so. I can't deny that I normally like attention, but I'm pretty sure that the blog/pix site started for other reasons. But maybe I'm just in denial.
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