Friday, January 12, 2007

Don't judge US by the way WE look.

On Sunday, after soccer, I was watching Accepted with Nitin & Neha. We thought that it would just be a funny movie, but it turned out to be good enough to recommend to other people. It's about a kid who is rejected from every college he applies to. His father really wants him to go to college, so the kid creates his own, fake, college. Due to an internet glitch, a bunch of other students end up coming to the fake college.

A real school gets upset with the fake one and temporarily shuts them down. The fake school must face the state board of accreditation. The board consists of a bunch of white people in suits. The protagonists offers a speech defending his educational institution in hopes of gaining accreditation. In the process, he says some thing about how he and his students should not be judged by how they look. In the end, accreditation is granted on a probationary period of one year and the leader of the board tells the protagonist not to judge the panel by the way they look.

That got me thinking, I have a non-symmetric way of judging people by how they look, just as the protagonist did. I've met plenty of people that you could look at and say "freak" or "dork" or "insert negative something here," but these people have totally proven to be almost the opposite of what you would expect. Most of these people went to THC. I guess I just haven't had much interaction with people on the opposite end of the spectrum.
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