Monday, January 15, 2007

Organ Harvesting in China

I got a pamphlet in my mailbox about how the Chinese Communist Party's government is harvesting organs from LIVE prisoners who are practicioners of the Falun Gong religion. These people are being jailed, forced into labor camps, and used as living organ donors in order to fund "transplant tourism."

From what I understand, Falun Gong is a peaceful religion based on meditation that attempts to find an inner balance (whatever that means...too eastern for me to understand).

On the cover of the pamphlet is a partial price list that was available at a hospital's website. The prices are no longer available online, but here's the info from the pamphlet cover:
Cornea: $30,000
Heart: $130,000-160,000
Liver: $98,000-130,000
Lung: $150,000-170,000
Kidney: $62,000
Kidney-Pancreas: $150,000

Amnesty International is writing letters. AI info is at

Now, imagine that you are a surgeon. You are ordered by the government to extract organs from a living human being so that they are fresh. You must perform the transplant, or your family will be tortured then you will be killed. Oh, did I mention that the Falun Gong practitioners aren't even given anesthesia?? Double fuck. I can't imagine having my cornea removed. I'm an organ donor, but I sure as hell wouldn't sign up for that shit if I didn't have to be dead first before they took my organs!
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