Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Vibram Five Fingers

Have you seen these crazy shoes? They're called "Five Fingers," made by a company called Vibram (VEE-brum) who's been making shoe soles for years. I read an article about them in Runners World a while ago and I came across their facebook page yesterday. I found a local store and went to check them out. My size 42 foot fit fairly comfortably into the shoes, except my pinky toe felt weird. I thought I'd get the Classic model, but after looking at their usage chart, I think I might have to try a different model.

I'd like to have a pair of water shoes. These might be the perfect ditch running shoes...they can get wet and dry quickly. They'll let your feet feel the ground and respond. The only problem is that I'm not cool with the price tag yet. Maybe I'll ask for some for Christmas.
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