Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Impatience Causing Delays

Speeding somewhere can get you there faster...unless you get pulled over. If you get pulled over, it will take a lot longer to get where you're going.

In an attempt to get some Rudy Project helmets as quickly as possible, I ordered them without taking an accurate measurement of my skull size. I ordered the large sizes, which came in yesterday and are just a little bit too big. I have to send them back. If I would have waited a couple hours to place my order until I was sure of the size of my head, I'd have my helmets today. Instead, I had to place a new order today and I might get them on Friday if I'm lucky. Now I'm paying another $12 in shipping to get the new ones and about $10 to return the old ones! Craptastic. I could get free shipping on the new ones if I had done an exchange, but that would have taken nearly a month because they're pretty backed up right now. I guess haste really does make waste.
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