Friday, May 1, 2009


Carmen wants me to visit her in Prague over the summer. At first I wasn't really into it. Then she sent me pictures and I liked them. Next she called and talked about how I need to go. I haven't been legitimately out of the country since Ecuador (the Mexicos don't count).

Pros: Visit new foreign country. Pretty. Hang out with Carmen. New experiences...especially being in a country where I can't communicate (except everyone knows English).

Cons: I don't speak a word of Czech. $$$.

I think that if I can find a plane ticket for under $500, then I might as well make use of my passport. I'm doing a lot of traveling this summer. Hopefully my folks will decide when we're going to Virginia. I was thinking of going to Prague between VA & the beginning of teaching. Here's a list of the other places I'm going:
Panama City - Half Ironman race
Gainesville - wedding
Baton Rouge - Aunt/Grandmother + cultural activities
(Nashville) - was going for Mani's birthday, but he'll be in the Keys
Virginia - see some older family members while we still can
Tampa? or Jacksonville? - heavy metal concert (roommate's friend's band)
Key Largo - lobster diving (after teaching)
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