Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kicked a Car

Today on the way to school, there was a car in the bike lane on Call street. This a common occurrence and it always pisses me off (except when they're trying to turn out of a side street & there's a lot of traffic...then it's understandable). This car was in front of me and I was slowing down for a red light anyway. I always want to kick or punch or key or fucking hammer cars that sit in the bike lane when they've got the fucking car lane to sit in. Seeing this new black Acura at a standstill in the left half of the bike lane, I decided that I was going slow enough to kick it, so I did. I wondered what would happen to my balance if I tried something like that. I kicked the car, put my foot back on the pedal, and kept riding. No problem. Wish I was wearing my cross country spikes or something to scratch that bitch up.

Now that I know I can do this without directly hurting myself, I might make more of a habit of it. I used to yell at them if their windows were down. I'd like to figure out a way to inflict more damage on them without imposing much cost on me (e.g. the extra weight of carrying a car-bashing chain or something and keeping it easily accessible). Leave me some suggestions.
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