Friday, July 24, 2009

Runner Dog Friend

When I was running today, a dog came running at me about 5.5 or 6 miles into the run. It turned out to be friendly and followed me down the street. I thought it would stop there, but the dog ran the next 5 or so miles with me...most of them alongside me. Friendly dog, but no tags so I didn't know his name. I tried to get the dog to go home when I was leaving his neighborhood, but he kept following me. I tried to give him water at my turnaround point (I was wearing my Camelbak), but he ran away from the water stream. Anyway, this dog went out on to Capital Circle NW (a fairly busy road with 45mph speed limit) and wasn't mindful of the cars. I figured that if it followed me all the way home I could feed it and keep it in the back yard. Fortunately I saw a cop car and flagged it down and we ended up loading the dog in the back of the cruiser and I gave the officer directions to where the dog and I had first met. I think the cop took the dog back home. I wonder if I'll see that same dog again next time I run through that neighborhood.
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