Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tri the Rez Recap

Alright, Saturday was the big day. No, not the Great Floridian iron-distance race...not my Granny's 80th b-day...but Tri the Rez. We had packet pickup on Friday and it's a good thing so many people came to get their stuff early because we had a chance to learn what we were supposed to do and it made packet pickup on race morning easier.

We ran into a few snags before the race started. For instance, I realized that I didn't have a lead-out vehicle for the bike. Also, we weren't able to get on Lost Lake Road to mark the pot holes and the turns until 8am (right when the race starts). We were short staffed on volunteers and had to reassign people from one job to another (e.g. body markers became intersection people on the bike course). A couple other snags: didn't have water at the finish line for about the first 60 finishers, didn't have run course marked on the ground which led to 3 runners making a wrong turn and getting DQ'd and I feel responsible (but I gave them awards anyway because they would have won their age groups even if they hadn't accidentally cut the course...and free entry to next year's race since I thought that was fair). I also hear that there was a bit of a bump coming out of the water on to the boat ramp...maybe we'll come up the beach next year...

Overall, I got lots of positive feedback from participants and spectators. I think I did a pretty good job of throwing things together in the 3 months that I had in which to do so. Most everything ran according to plan and ahead of schedule on race day. I think the missing markings on the run course were the worst part of the day, so that's not too bad. There was someone who was having trouble breathing in the swim and the Rez lifeguards did a great job getting him out of the water and into the hands of the FSU First Responder Unit who did a great job of taking care of the situation. The FHP did an excellent job of managing traffic on the bike course (so I'm told...I never got to see the bike in action). I think people liked the awards and there was a good deal of door prizes for the size of the race. Results were posted online before I got back home!

Looking forward to next year...
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