Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Agave Nectar

Javi was over at my house before Collegiate Nationals and he told me that he has been making his own sports drinks by mixing stuff together.  Black strap molases, agave nectar, salt, whatever else.  He recommended that I try some agave nectar.  I queried if it tastes anything like tequila (which comes from blue agave) and he said no.  I picked some up at Publix (in the organic section) and tried it.  Doesn't taste like tequila...actually pretty good.  It's got a really low glycemic index so it'll give you sustained energy.  I've mixed it in with smoothies a couple times and that works out pretty well.  I think you could also cook with it in leiu of honey.

As for tequila...I just don't like it.  Lotsa kids have a bad tequila night that makes them develop resentment for that kind of fire water.  I never had one of those nights.  I just don't like the scent or the taste of tequila plata or oro.  
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