Monday, April 13, 2009

Emergency @ FSU

I went to school last night to do some work for my term paper. I needed the computer in my office. I guess I got to school around 10:15 and left a little more than 2 hours later. I was riding down the part of Call St. that is made of brick pavers and I noticed when passing by the Woodward parking garage that one of those emergency phone blue lights was flashing! I decided to take a detour up to Tennessee St. in case there was a legitimate problem. We got an email today saying that a skinny black guy & fat black girl told some guy walking that they had a gun and to give them his money. The email says this event happened right by the flashing emergency light I saw at 1:30am, but I don't think I was at school that late. It must have happened before 1:30am. The guy got away unscathed.

It's not like the campus is totally deserted that time of day, either. Certain parts have decent foot traffic. I know that there are dark corners and side paths, but I normally see Call St. populated with one person every hundred yards that time of day. I guess I have a small sample size and there could be a big variance, but I figure that someone else must have been around. At least nobody got hurt (especially me).
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