Saturday, June 14, 2008


I was at the Sarah Mac Band concert tonight and it was awesome as always. The first band ¿Phlux? was 3 hippies that had a pretty barefoot sound. Next was Kingsbury from Orlando. They know Soft Targets, the headliners. SMB played 3rd. Since I have to get up in a couple hours to go on the Country Bumpkin ride, I dipped out on Soft Targets.

Kingsbury's show was different. I was expecting all the bands to be a little folky. Kingsbury had some cool lighting that set a decent ambiance. There was a strobe that made really cool shadows of the drummer playing on the ceiling. I went to buy a CD, but they were down to the copy that's taped to the table. After they got off stage, I saw the girl band member (Alexis) at the bar and told her about the CD situation. She wanted to give me a free CD! I paid her $5 anyway since they did have to pay for gas to get back to Orlando. I was talking to her for a bit. I asked if they were in town b/c they know Soft Targets. Affirmative. I also mentioned that I was from Vero (relevant to one of their songs). She said that she knows Mike Palmer; and the other band members, who are about my age, are from Vero. One guy, Bruce Reed, came up to me while I was talking to Alexis and said he recognized me. I said my name's Austin and he's all like "I'm Colleen Connery's husband." Whoa! He gave me an update on how they're doing and it sounds pretty good.
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