Thursday, June 12, 2008

Country Bumpkin

I'm riding 120 miles on my bike this Saturday. I just went to Sunshine Cycles today to pick up a pair of bike shorts and a cycling jersey for the trip. I figure that if I'm ever going to get them, now's a good time. They have sponsored the FSU Triathlon team and I'm hoping that we can have a great relationship.

The ride on Saturday is going to be 6-7 people biking out to Madison, eating lunch at Jason's folks' house, then biking back. I've never even done 100 miles (I think 80 is my previous max). I'm convinced that I can do it without dying. I have a couple water bottle holders and a camelbak to get me through along with gels and electrolyte tabs. I just hope the mercury stays in the double digits.

In about a month, I'm going to ride 165 miles west to Nevarre, FL. Who knows how many people will attend that? I figure that this 120 miler will be a good warm up for that main event. If these rides go down successfully, I'm toying with the idea of biking from Tally to Vero, stopping along the way to stay with friends in Gainesville and Orlando. That would be pretty insane!
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