Sunday, June 8, 2008

Academic Minors @ FSU v. the HC

Getting a major at the HC is difficult...probably more so than in most places due to the Thesis. Graduating might also be a little more work with the inclusion of the internship/study abroad. However, getting a minor is also relatively hard...check out the following:

I've noticed through conversing with some FSU undergrads that it takes almost nothing to get a minor in an academic field at FSU. Take chemistry for an example...
FSU chemistry minors only need: Minor Coursework: 12 semester hours in an approved minor field or 15 hours in an approved interdepartmental minor approved by the Department of Chemistry. Frequently Chemical Science majors will complete a second major, which satisfies this requirement.
HC chemistry minors need: a. 20 credit hours of work in chemistry from the course list below.
b. At least 9 of the credit hours must be upper level (3000 or above).

And you can make your own comparisons at and
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