Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Emerald Coast #2

Results are up from Emerald Coast #2 this past weekend. I dropped about 3:40 off my time from the same course in the fall...actually, the run was a little shorter in the fall! The water was so perfect, it was almost blissful swimming. I had good transitions and jammed it out on the bike, averaging 21.9 mph. I'd like to get up to 23-24 mph by the end of the season. My run pace was 6:22/mile. I might be able to drop that to about 6 flat by the end of the season. I'm working on my swim with Doug coaching me.

OH, yeah...after the race, they had a drawing for a bunch of cool stuff being given out by Freedom Sports, a store that's opening soon in the Panama City Beach area. I won the grand prize of a Zoot ZPack transition bag. I'm going to try to use it and see if I can get away from my Reebok duffle-running-turned-into-tri bag. The ZPack is pretty awesome with waterproof storage for your wet stuff, headlight & tail light, lots of pockets.

If this sounds like fun, you should check out the FSU Triathlon Website. Anyone with an FSU card can join! Sign yourself up for the email list.
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