Saturday, September 1, 2007

Triple Overtime

I must concede defeat to Danielle. She beat me tonight in triple overtime in beerpong. Although I would have won the first round (and the 2nd overtime) by Sean' s rules, we had to play house rules; and being her place, she had the house-rules-advantage.

After we had been playing for a little while (Danielle & Jack were up by 8 games by the time Nick got me there from the Trophy Wifes concert...which kicked ass), Danielle and I decided to go one on one. I closed out the game, but she got redemption and hit the cup. Events proceeded and we got to triple overtime. I had her down to one cup. She sunk both of my remaining cups (they play that if I win the regular game, but she makes all the redemption cups, then we go into overtime with 3 cups). So, she got the balls back and I get no redemption. High five, Danielle. I've never played a closer game in my life.
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