Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday is Tri-Day

Today I went to the swim workout at 11:15, cut it off a few minutes early to go sign up for spinning @ 12:30 (I got the last spot on the waiting list). Turns out that I got in and I was the only guy in the class. Definitely different than riding a real bike...pros and cons. Then we did 7 minutes of abs (what about when someone comes out with 6 minute abs?). I maxed out the good girl machine at the gym! Met some girl who's going to join the Tri club. Tonight I did a fartlek run with 30 seconds on and a minute off for 4 miles.

Let me beef for a minute about spinning...first of all, you don't go anywhere! Second, you don't know how fast you're going. On the up-side, the shifting is really smooth. Third, music too loud. Last and probably most important: they don't have cut-outs in the seats, which means it hurts your taint after sitting there for too long. Sometimes I wanted to stand up and pedal for some pressure relief, but I didn't want to get kicked out.

I think that I'm going to try to get in a workout in all 3 disciplines on Fridays. For the swim, I'm at the mercy of Dan's workout schedule. If I make it into the spin class, then I'll do whatever they do...if not, then I'll come home and do a bike-run combo with a short transition time.
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